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Proastio Riding Centre:

Where better to learn the art of Horse riding than in Greece? Xenophon, the Athenian General wrote the first detailed book about horse riding over 2400 years ago. His philosophy was based on intuition, insight into the horses world and kind and sensitive treatment. Students of all ages and experience can learn the foundations of classical riding. You will learn how to build rapport with your horse and communicate with the lightest of physical movements and even your breath! Riders will also become aware of their own bodies learning to reduce muscle tension and a lack of balance.

The Horses:

With Pixie, our 11hh (117cm) Icelandic x, small children are able to learn to groom, tack-up, mount, and talk to a pony under saddle with light but precise movements with they become enthralled as do any spectators who happen to be watching this unique relationship developing.
For the older child or adult beginner we have Glika, our 13.2 hh (137cm) macadonian pony. Glika has an exceptional character and will perceive each rider and adapt to their abilities. Her paces and transitions are very smooth enabling the rider to easily learn balance and to stay with the movement of the horse.
Raffles, our14.2hh (147cm) Irish cob x t.b is the perfect companion for country rides. Her approach to life is: Where are we going? What shall we do? Whats around the next corner? She is equally as happy in the arena and is the most experienced of our horses in classical work.
We also have Leonithas, our 15.2hh (157cm) stallion. Leonithas has a wonderful character and has fathered some beautiful foals in the area. The first of our foals from our Adthravedan stallion Leonithas is now three and a half years old.
Selini has completed basic training and is proving to be as generous in nature as her mother Glika. She stands at 15 hh (152cm).

The Lessons:

We believe through many years of experience that lessons on a one to one basis are most beneficial to both rider and horse. Although not complicated, classical riding requires many constant slight adjustments of the body to obtain the perfect position. No rider needs to be told when this is achieved as the feeling is beautiful, both horse and rider relaxed and in harmony with each other. Lessons are given both in the arena and less formally out in tracks through the beautiful countryside.


We also offer trekking for those who wish to enjoy the spectacular Mani countryside from horse back, each horse is led by an experienced person on the ground when required. The Taygetos mountain range forms a constant back drop, it is around 40 km long and reaches 2407m at it's highest point. It holds 85 breeding species of birds, 19 species of mammals, 33 species of reptile, and 160 endemic greek plants with 28 of these found nowhere else in the world.

While the others are riding:

For those of you who don't want to go riding: Proastio is a lovely mountain village with lots of small streets and squares to explore and a few tavernas where you can relax while waiting for the return of the riders. Proastio has much to offer the visitor other than unlimited walking and riding paths. It has more than thirty churches, nearly all of which have wall paintings and two monasteries, one being the thirteenth century Byzantine chapel and monastery of Agioi Theodori which Proastio Riding Centre is situated beside. It also has one cafeneo and four Tavernas where you can enjoy a warm welcome and great traditional food.



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