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ObjectivesWe have completely restructured our office...

...and are now working as a pure online travel agency 100% by the internet. Also, we moved our headquarters from Greece to Germany. This step helped us to better calculate and to be much more independent.
As a consequence our office on the beach promenade of Stoupa is now closed. We are now much more flexible and we can, without being tied to office hours, personally take care of our customers.

In essence, however, our core business has not changed: we continue to provide individual holiday accommodation and any help for your journey to Stoupa.
We are 'round-the-Clock', 365 days a year, reachable in Stoupa. We advise our clients by appointment directly in their accommodation or at an agreed meeting point.

The (old) vision

In the seventies of the 20th century Stoupa still was a sleepy fishing village where tourism had not developped at all, but then began a rapid development. In the early nineties, the first guests arrived early in the year, some remained even over the New Year.
At that time there were primarily individuals who were enthusiastic for Stoupa.
As a travel agency operator, we thought that time: Like this one can make a living! Large tour operators and contracts are not needed in Stoupa, the money earned stays in the country, and if one will invest now, then in comfort, service and hospitality...

The reality was much different:
Almost everyone was trying to earn as much money as possible in a short time: new restaurants were opened, new apartments built and new contracts signed with travel agencies. Instead investments in quality the objective was quantity.
We felt this as a danger: What would happen when the big travel companies leave Stoupa or if, for example, the customers of those companies won't book because of an economic crisis?
Perhaps Stoupa would be the way it has evolved, no longer attractive for individual travelers or for those who could afford it still to travel to Greece.

Now, at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st Century has exactly occurred, what the business people in Stoupa (and elsewhere in Greece) had not thought possible.
Due to the global economic crisis and then by the Greek-wide 'krisi' Stoupa almost became again a sleepy fishing village. In contrast to 'those days' Stoupa has now a wide selection of accommodations, taverns and coffee bars. Stoupa has doctors and a pharmacy, supermarkets and hair salons - and free wireless internet almost anywhere.

The (new) vision

As of now, investments go into quality and service.
The aim is a balanced tourism for all tastes and budgets. In the first line for individual travelers who value their vacation spot more than just a backdrop for the time-frying in the sun. Since higher standards require greater investment of apartment owners and tavern operators, more people are employed - even outside the peak season.
The unique beauty of our area is obtained by thoughtful concepts and rigorous building planning. Like this Stoupa and the surrounding communities continue to attract visitors in the off-season. Visitors with different expectations of their destination - such as hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, tours of historic sites or to the Byzantine chapels in the southern Mani - which can be realized now...
The bottom line is that like this the whole area has a 'better life', less 'stress', more 'joy' - and definitely not less money than before.

Unfortunately, still vision - yet we try our best as a local travel agency to make our contribution to its realisation:

We also belive that anyone can actually help in some way to achieve our goals:



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