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Find here the schedules of the (express) long distance coaches from Athens to Kalamata or vice versa plus the times of the local buses from Kalamata to Stoupa:

KTEL Bus Schedule
Ab Kalamata Ab Athen
4:45+ - 3h 6:15*(t) - 3h15
6:30*(t) - 3h15 7:30*** - 3h30
8:00+ - 2h45 9:00 - 3h
9:30(t) - 3h30 10:30+ - 2h45
10:30 - 3h30 11:45(t) - 3h15
12:00+ - 2h45 13:00+ - 2h45
13:30+ - 3h15 14:15# - 3h15
15:00 - 3h15 15:30 - 3h30
16:30+ - 2h45 16:30+ - 2h45
18:00*(t) - 3h15 18:00(t) - 3h15
19:30+ - 2h45 19:30+ - 2h45
21:45 - 3h15 21:30 - 3h15
* Not on Sundays
+ Express
# till Agios Nikon
*** till Koroni
(t) pets allowed

Express busses need a little less than 3 hours, regular coaches about 3,5 hours from Athens to Kalamata or vice versa. A one-way trip is about 23.-- EUR.

From Athens airport the X93 transfer bus will bring you to the main bus station. This trip takes about 1h, leaves the airport during daytime roughly every half hour and costs today about 5.-- EUR.

Kalamata - Itilo (Passing Stoupa VERY roughly ~60 minutes after departure)

(with connection to Areopolis - Gythion)

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
04:45 X X X X X
07:00* X X X X X X X
13:00 X X X X X X
18:00* X X X X X X X

* till Agios Nikon (no Areopolis/Gythion connection)

Itilo - Kalamata (Passing Stoupa VERY roughly 45 to 60 minutes after departure from Itilo and about 30 to 45 minutes when departing from Ag. Nikon)

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
07:00 X X X X X
09:30*# X X X X X X X
15:15 X X X X X X
19:45* X X X X X X X

* Departing from Agios Nikon # with connection to Athens - ** departure 15:30 from Ag. Nikon

Busses from Kalamata to Patras and vice versa at 8:30 and 16:00 Uhr

More schedules of the Messinian bus services you can find at or as PDF-file to download.

And now: New online bookings for bus tickets Athens to Kalamata and vice versa! For a small fee we can book the tickets for you.
If all this looks too inconvenient to you, have a look at our taxi service!

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