Kalogria beach

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Kalogria beach

Post by dclet » Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:07 am

Kalogria beach was the favourite of our family and friends -- no more though.
The endless rows of crammed organised sun beds creeping closer to the sea has sucked the beauty out of the beach. This year competing Tavernas have added even more making it virtually impossible to walk to the sea ,let alone view this lovely beach.
The proximity of the sun beds to the waters edge makes it difficult for children and adults to enjoy family play or relaxation without having to pay over the course of a holiday ,vast sums. Kalogria is becoming a beach for the better off not for the many.
Stoupa main beach offers free sun beds to customers of the Tavernas, which surely is a better system for both parties .There are also more areas for those who want to be free of the 'sardines in a can' regimented system.
We need to have 10 metres of free space from the waters edge to the first row of sun beds and wider alleys between them to let our family's enjoy Kalogria again.

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Re: Kalogria beach

Post by jimbo » Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:26 pm

Well said dclet. Although we don't spend that much time at Kalogria, it is a truly beautifful beach - or was when the beach was visible. Sunbed providers are entitled to a return on their investment & service, but this seems a classic example of killing the golden goose by those providers, & an illustration of the need for aspects of the tourist industry to be adequately regulated & for those regulations to be discreetly, but firmly enforced. Stoupa beach currently offers a less regimented experience, but could easily fall victim to the same malaise.

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Re: Kalogria beach

Post by accystanred » Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:56 pm

Absolutely right dclet, a perfect example of how to kill the golden goose. We returned from Stoupa on Sunday. During our visit we walked over the headland to have a look at Kologria after hearing alarming reports of four poster water beds and elbow to elbow sunbeds. Sadly these reports all turned out to be true. We were appalled at what we saw. There is no doubt at all, unless the local authorities introduce some form of regulation this could be the beginning of the end. We shall never again set foot on Kalogria beach until this situation is resolved. On a slightly positive side of things, the constant "click, clack" of the bat and ball couldn't be heard anymore due to the fact that there is no longer any room to play those annoying games as that area at the back of the beach now seems to have been taken over with armchairs and settees belonging to a bar.

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Over-exploitation of Kalogria beach

Post by aegeanblue » Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:42 pm

I couldn't agree more. We were there in May and even then you couldn't even see the sea shore. We left after 10 minutes. I have never been on a beach in my life and be able to see the waters edge. Over time this will give it a bad reputation. A sad testament of human behaviour.

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Re: Kalogria beach

Post by Delphinia77 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:49 pm

Well said - agree with the sentiments above. The goose that laid the golden egg has well and truly been killed. We have been enjoying holidays in Stoupa for approx 20 years, and despite it becoming more popular nothing much changed except for new property built above and around the area, odd new bar/restaurant - nothing over the top, until now ! In the past two years Kalogria has quickly changed from what has always been a laid back, relaxed and idyllic setting (bit of heaven on earth which was the attraction) into a small replica of those mass, crowded and regimented holiday beaches to avoid.
Last year we were in Stoupa for 3 weeks and in all that time only went on Kalogria beach twice – it’s akin to sitting in a giant marquee and unless you are at the front you can’t even glimpse the sea let alone enjoy the wonderful views across the Messinian bay. Sunbeds and umbrellas so packed close together there is no room to adequately move around in and out of the shade, and you can’t have a relaxing stroll along the water’s edge.
The problem is this will have an inevitable knock on affect for Stoupa village beach – it will get too over-crowded with ‘escapees’ forced from what Kalogria has now become.
There are quite strict regulations in Greece for beaches and sun bed hire business, and that includes limitations on how near first line of sun beds from the short line can be.
Interestingly there is a recently posted message on the Parea Sti Mani website from a German travel group who has been bringing visitors to the area and is so disgusted by the current overcrowding that they are not planning to bring any more groups to the area unless things are improved. Says it all !!

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Re: Kalogria beach

Post by Paul » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:51 pm

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Re: Kalogria beach

Post by zorbas2 » Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:08 am

Some days ago a complaint letter including an application to change things was written by the union of holiday accommodation owners in the Messinian Mani and the union of business owners Stoupa.
This letter went to the municipality, the police in Kardamyli and Kalamata, the port authority in Kardamyli and Kalamata, the independent office for public property and the regional directorates of public property.
I will try to find out email addresses from all of the above authorities/organisations. It would be helpful if you would also send your complaints to them.

The complaint letter (in Greek): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jcm ... sp=sharing
Stephan Bartholomä
zorbas.de - stoupa.fr - sourmelina.com

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Re: Kalogria beach

Post by Magpie » Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:09 pm

I always used Kalogria beach until 2 years ago when I saw how this beautiful beach was being ruined. It disappoints me that the number of sunbeds doesn't allow for us locals to now use the beach volleyball and play our games of bat and ball, the beach is a public one and should enable everybody to use it not just those who are willing to pay for sunbeds. I always felt that if someone on the end of a row of sunbed was to turn over It would result in a horizontal Mexican wave.
Please all keep complaining to the authorities and Taverna owners of how they are destroying the holiday and visitors experience of Stoupa.

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Re: Kalogria beach

Post by Nige » Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:32 pm

I was disheartened to read this thread and wanted to check it out for myself so I looked at the Kalogria camera. I could not believe what I saw. Having said that the beach at Stoupa does not apper to be much better. Can't see the sand for the sunbeds. We usually stay in St Nicholas and have a wander down to Stoupa/Kalogria two or three times during our stay. I don't think we will bother this year. Shame shame shame.

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Re: Kalogria beach

Post by ambus2008 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:21 pm

And yet out of these peak times Kalogria is still a little bit of paradise. We have been there very early even in summer, around 7am just as the sun is coming up and had the whole beach to ourselves, swam right out into the bay and back. Only the occasional Greek grandma swimming with big hat on to share the sea with. Then stop at the bakery for bread and croissants and home for breakfast. Also if you go down after around 7pm its still lovely and warm but the crowds are gone and the baking temperatures have dropped just enough. Not actually the place to yourself but certainly a much nicer atmosphere. Do what lots of the Greeks do - have a siesta and go to the beach late.
Also up to Easter and after September its back to that quiet little beach we remember from the first time we visited 18 years ago - no sun beds to speak of, no bat and ball, no noisy bar music. To Palio Bostania and Kalogria restaurant are usually still open for a limited menu.
But yes we avoid it in summer during the day.

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