Water 2012

Here we want to offer the possibility to discuss in a democratic way opinions and suggestions regarding the (touristic) development in the area. Please do not hesitate to post your ideas or thoughts here!
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Re: Water 2012

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Following more than 3 weeks without a proper water supply we are now getting water for most of the day. This was after several days of local residents getting angry and contacting the press and complaining directly to the Dimos, and I believe it was finally clinched by a court order! The real issue here is how to ensure that the Dimos meets all it's responsibilities all the time, not just when it's members feel like it. It is illegal and immoral for them to withhold water from sections of the community simply because they find it difficult to supply everyone properly or because they want to favour certain areas over others. If there are problems with the network they need to identify them, decide how they are going to fix them and what resources they need, and then get on and fix them. And we need to make sure they do just that!
I offered the 'saving water' idea as just one way they could improve the overall supply of water. Water conservation is a world-wide issue and everyone, everywhere needs to get involved. However, as I said in my first post, here in the Mani there is no shortage of water at the present time. The Dimos has a responsibility to access and consistently supply that water to all of it's residents. It's no good throwing hands up in despair, saying they're all corrupt, etc.; people need to put the pressure on to make them do what they were elected to do.
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Re: Water 2012

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Well Spyke that is good news for you. I would find it hard to go without water for even much of a day, wherever I am!

I canot now but wonder who's not getting it now you are ;)

But also on the upside your campaign to save water his gaining momentum and does have knock on effects. Even Bandit has started a storage system with his water shed :P Perhaps one for your garden? ;)
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