Another dog killed in Stoupa.....

Here we want to offer the possibility to discuss in a democratic way opinions and suggestions regarding the (touristic) development in the area. Please do not hesitate to post your ideas or thoughts here!
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Re: Another dog killed in Stoupa.....

Post by almar »

I too was told the same name as Shirleyv, Babis Rapteas, while I was in Stoupa in September! The disadvantage of information of this nature and sharing it, is that I have no proof.
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Re: Another dog killed in Stoupa.....

Post by feathers »

wozzell wrote: PS what happened to the ducks? latest rumour is they were all destroyed as they were interfering with
sun bed business?
If it is true that someone got rid of the ducks from Stoupa harbour, it was a very bad move. Such an action is not at all in the interests of Stoupa as a holiday resort....those ducks have always been one of the attractions of the place. Ask any child, and many of the adults, who have holidayed there for the last 20-odd years.
What's the first question on returning to Stoupa each year?
"How have the ducks got on over the winter and how many are there now?" 8-)

I was very sad to find that they were no longer there this year, especially after all the previous efforts of some local people to keep the tradition going, and I sincerely hope that someone will do something before next summer to remedy the loss.
Oh, to be in Stoupa!
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Re: Another dog killed in Stoupa.....

Post by wizzywaz »

Well this post has put a spanner in my plans!

I have been to Stoupa a few times and enjoyed it each time we have visited

Now I am at the point of purchasing a motor home and travelling down to Greece and staying in Stoupa for a few weeks.

My dog will be coming with us a GSD (retired working dog) who as any pet owner I think the World of

Sadly I am aware of individuals poisoning pets within Greece but shooting a dog outside a school is barbaric and the people of Stoupa need to bring this individual to task

This is a small village with everything going for it but I for one after reading this will not be holidaying with a package tour operator nor with my motorhome

The good people of Stoupa have to stand up to the mafia culture within this small community or face more staying away
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Re: Another dog killed in Stoupa.....

Post by glenick »

Hi wizzywaz,
I too am a dog owner, however as we visit frequently to our house in stoupa we have to leave our dog at home, i wanted to reply to you as i believe there is no need to cancel your plans to come to stoupa, the shooting of the dog is very sad, however we do not yet know who did it ( for sure) and the reason. It is possible that the dog was dangerous, attacked someone or indeed any other reason. We have alot of friends who live in and around stoupa who have dogs and as far as i am aware they have not had any problems, we also have greek friends who own dogs and they regularly visit the stoupa area as well. I do not believe that you or your dog would be in any danger visiting the region, no more than any other region of greece. Yes some people in Greece do harm animals including dogs and cats, however in the UK there are hundreds of thousands of reports of cruelty to dogs and cats every year, the RSPCA have successful prosecutions but i believe this would only represent 1% of cruely acts. I am sure that there is more of a risk of your dog getting a bite from an insect than getting shot or poisened.
I believe that cancelling a visit to the stoupa area is an over-reaction and you should reconsider your decision.
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Re: Another dog killed in Stoupa.....

Post by wizzywaz »

Hi Glenick

You could be right in an over-reaction!

My concerns are we have someone in a built up area taking the law into his/her own hands and killing a dog with a gun in broad daylight!

Now If this dog was a danger to the local community and was in the act of attacking someone then you would use whatever means possible to stop this dog in its tracks (I don’t think anyone would disagree with this as I have seen first-hand the damage a uncontrolled aggressive dog can do)

My point is for whatever reason this individual finds it within his power to shoot a dog with a gun in an urban area and by the looks of it get away with it through fear by the locals not informing the police or do they agree with what he has done!

Could you imagine going on holiday in the UK and finding out on your second day in this small town that someone in broad daylight had shot a dog in front of a school across the road and he was still at large. I would have assumed that the place would have been swarming with armed/unarmed Police to find the person

Maybe someone who lives in Stoupa might be able to give some feedback to this question “What has/is being done about what has gone on in finding the person in question!

As for visiting Stoupa I do believe it is as safe as anywhere in Greece but I will be watching this forum to see what is done to try and bring this sick individual to justice

Once again thanks for replying
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Re: Another dog killed in Stoupa.....

Post by The Grocer »

Can any member supply the name of the Mayor of Stoupa (and E-Mail).......How about all of us hitting him with E Mails regarding this incident?
The threats of not coming to Stoupa etc may wake him up into action.

Such an E Mail hit did wonders for the Gythio Animal Care group when the Mayor was inundated with E Mails........
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Re: Another dog killed in Stoupa.....

Post by Pete »

Reconsidering one's travel plans or taking other preventative measures (as locals do daily) to avoid the risk of falling foul of the following is no 'over reaction' I feel....... ... ko-sholeio
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Re: Another dog killed in Stoupa.....

Post by wizzywaz »

Hi Pete

Thanks for posting that article it comes as no surprise to me that someone who can do this sort of cruelty to animals might or has gone on to humans

Just a couple quotes from that article

“In this workshop, Mr. Peristeris had stated: "The violent acts against animals are recognized as indicators dangerous psychopathy that rarely limited thereto.

Sociologists, legislators and courts have sufficient data linking violence to animals with similar behaviours with human victims”

I have come across in my line of work many individuals who have committed this sort of crime and far worse! Take it from me anyone who can come out in broad day light shoot a dog in a busy community and blend back into the community is dangerous.

I be very surprised if this person has not committed similar offences and if challenged whilst doing so turn on the person confronting him/her with consequences which could be life threatening.

Look a couple of scenarios

You are walking up from the beach with an ice cream and you come across this person in the act of committing this shooting do you

1. Turn around and continue enjoying your holiday as if nothing has happened

2. Confront the person holding this weapon

Either way my holiday would be spoilt but I would be inclined to confront him which right away would put me in danger with someone who has the calmness to do this in front of his own community and as such believes he is justified in doing so

Make no bones about it this person is dangerous, it might be the culture of the old Greece I don’t know but if that is the case Greece is big enough for me to stay away from areas which seem to except this as a mere part of life.

Just one other thought

You are picking up your granddaughter from school she is very distressed after seeing a dog dying outside the school gates after being shoot. Would it be an overreaction to be concerned/worried that we have some nutter doing this and endangering those around!

Of course it would and as such we and the local authorities would want this person caught an dealt with by the courts

It seems to me we seem to except crime abroad as a part of that Countries culture well I don’t in this case and as such I want to see this person brought to justice

Just my thoughts and not personal to anyone on here
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Re: Another dog killed in Stoupa.....

Post by garyh »

I have read this thread for quite a while and not commented, perhaps I should not now. I read that a few people are thinking of cancelling their Stoupa holidays because of this incident, but, those of you who are considering this, think again. Its like saying, well I am not going to (any major city), Croydon or Peckham because of the riots last year. This is one person (who did wrong in my opinion), not the Greek people of Stoupa, the same with the riots in South London last year, the people that rioted, were not your "average" person from Peckham, Croydon or Lewisham, they were a few young people who did wrong, and were punished.
My main point is....Stoupa has very little crime, I know of people who leave their bags, including money, phones and jewelry on the beach, whilst they go for a swim, safe in the knowledge nothing will "disappear", I see local children walking and playing on the beach, and local roads, safe, even when its dark, because their parents know they are safe. I myself left money in my apartment whilst in the pool, safe in the knowledge that that money would still be their when I went back. I know where I would rather live, and its not here in "good old England", the Greeks are different from the English, the English are different from the French, the Spanish, the Dutch, the Norwegians, the Scots (soon to be, fingers crossed), we all have different cultures, we have to learn to understand different cultural views. I do not tar all Greek people with the same brush, please don't cancel a holiday because of one person, when there are plenty of local people, who will make your holiday "Stoupa Special".
As for shooting a dog, (or any animal), I know this happens worldwide for different reasons, lets not forget our sunday roast, or that lovely chicken curry, or even lamb kleftiko, all number of animals are killed for "our " table. BUT outside a school.... well that's a big no-no in my book, "not in front of the children please", AND especially NOT my niece!!!!!!!!!!!.
There, got that off my chest...
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Re: Another dog killed in Stoupa.....

Post by aurelia »

I think it is very different to avoiding London because of the riots etc. Stoupa is so small that one person going round with a gun feels far more threatening to me than the riots that happened (and I live only minutes from Croydon). I still go into London and take my children there despite being aware that bad things sometimes happen there...but deliberately choosing to come on holiday to a place where one indivdual is shooting dogs and risking the lives of nearby children is not something I would be prepared to do. I totally agree that the vast majority of the Stoupa people are friendly and kind...but they cannot protect you from a bullet if someone shoots in your direction. I don't tar them with the same brush but if there was a shooter going round in my home town I would keep my children in etc until he was caught.
We have voted with our feet and have decided to go elsewhere (though still in Greece.)
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