Car Parking

Kalamata is somehow our 'capital'. So there might come up enough topics for its own forum - here it is...
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Car Parking

Post by the reiver » Wed Jun 15, 2016 9:33 am

Utter traffic chaos in Kalamata yesterday with drivers trying to access the main car park, and the traffic backed up as far down as the railway line. :o

The reason? A new fully automated system to overcome the exit problem of having the pay booth on the wrong side. Instead of tearing off your parking slip on entry you now press a button and your ticket is issued. Before you leave you go to a pay point, scan the barcode on the ticket, and once it tells you the charge insert the coins. A receipt is issued. At the exit the ticket goes into the slot and the barrier lifts. (y)

I think yesterday was day two of the system and totally confusing the locals ! There was a helper at the entrance and at both pay stations, and the exit, but there are still two sides of the car park trying to exit through one gate and the inevitable log jam seemed worse yesterday, although there were very few cars in the top end.

No doubt it will iron itself out in time.

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