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It makes it much easier for us to find suitable accommodation for you when you give us as many details as possible. That way we know better what you are looking for...

Please note:
Measures taken during the pandemic, but also personal reasons, forced me - like many others - to reorganize my life, which also affects my business. Since February 24, 2022, with Putin's war in Europe, another component has unexpectedly been added.
So I won't be able to work as usual in 2022 either. This means, for example, that I cannot respond to all inquiries - especially last minute requests - and most likely not in the time one might expect.
Therefore, I hereby apologize in advance for unanswered inquiries. Hoping for peace soon, your understanding and a healthy 2022 season.

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Reisebüro Zorbas - Stephan Bartholomä
24024 Stoupa, Peloponnese - Greece
Tel: +30 69781 44435, +30 27210 77879, e-Mail: