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Are there any taxis for use between Agios Niolaos and Stoupa? I am staying in Agios Nikolaos for 3 weeks this July. I anticipate we would take a walk into Stoupa but would like to be able to get a taxi back later in the evenings if possible.

How late do the bars stay open in Agios Nikolaos and Stoupa? I'm not looking for night life it's just that in the July heat I tend to be able to relax more later in the evening when everything has cooled a bit. I'd rather take a siesta and be up later.
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Re: Taxis

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Agios Nikolaos itself has no Taxis.
There is a Taxi in Stoupa and if you are booking in advance and if you are able to wait until the taxi driver finished his 'major tours' it should be possible to get one - also late at night.
Otherwise you would need to try to meet people in the evenig who are driving anyway bach in direction of Agios Nikolaos...

And don't worry about the bars - some of them (AgNik and Stoupa) stay open until early morning - espacially on week ends.
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